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Decorative desert cactus landscape fence strips fence spikes spike strips home security anti climb fence wall spikes

Decorative Desert Cactus Fence Strips 18 pack


 decorative desert cactus fence strips are specifically designed for use on fencing and gates around your home/property. The desert landsacpe strips are eye apealing while making it more challenging for unwanted guest to climb your fence. Increasing the level of security against intrusion, damage and acts of vandalism. 


Made from sturdy 14 gauge steel with very sharp points.

Strips can be made out of stainless steel, Contact for quote.

・48" wide x 5.25" tall. 
・12 predrilled holes for screwing securely to the side of your fence or gate.

     Mounting hardware is not included but can be added in the drop-down menu.
・Extremely sharp points.

     Strips are raw unfinished steel.

Sold as a set of 18.  

These strips can be placed side-by-side. 




wear cut resistant gloves when handling/installing. Sharp! handle with care. It is recommended to post visible do not climb signs after installing warning of possible bodily harm. It is recommended to have the Strips installed by a licensed professional. Keep out of reach of children and animals. check your local laws for regulations.


The manufacturer of the steel decorative strips hereby disclaims any liability for bodily injury resulting from the installation or use of these products. The strips are intended to deter unauthorized climbing and access to property and should be installed only by a licensed contractor. Any installation, use, or handling of the strips is done at the sole risk of the user.
It is recommended that signs be posted near the area where the strips are installed to warn of possible bodily injury. Additionally, Any person handling, installing the strips  should wear proper personal protecting equipment including but not limited to cut-resistant gloves when handling the strips to reduce the risk of injury.
By purchasing and/or installing these steel decorative strips, the buyer, installer or injured party agrees to hold the manufacturer harmless from any claims or damages and agrees to assume all risks, liabilities and responsibilities associated with their use and installation. The manufacturer shall not be liable for any damages, injuries or lawsuits whether direct, indirect, or consequential, arising from the use or installation of these products.



    All items are made to order and therefore cannot be exchanged or returned. Please be sure to check our product descriptions and sizing information carefully before placing your order. If you have any questions about sizing or product details, please contact us before placing your order.



     Orders typically arrive within 5-14 business days. 


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